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Eternity Rings

Eternity Rings

Worn as a distinctive wedding ring, eternity rings can also symbolise a milestone anniversary or the celebration of a newborn baby. Whatever the occasion, find the piece that best illustrates your significant moments. Handcrafted by our master jewellers, our rings come in a variety of styles to suit every taste.

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Eternity Rings

From simple diamond eternity rings through to show-stopping designer set pieces, our collection has everything you need to mark your special occasion. Whether that’s welcoming a new baby to your family or celebrating a marriage, our eternity rings are ready to suit every taste. Hand-made by master craftsmen, they come in a range of styles to suit every taste.

What is an eternity ring?

An eternity ring, also known as an eternity band or infinity ring, signifies never-ending love and dedication. Given from one partner to the other, they are a physical representation of sharing a life together. Used to mark special occasions, such as wedding anniversaries or vow renewals, the tradition of gifting an eternity ring dates back 4,000 years.

As with all rings, the circular design symbolises something that will never end. That’s why they are so popular for couples, showing that a relationship is a life-long promise. They’re often cut with a continuous line of diamonds or gemstones, which again represents that love is infinite. Eternity rings commemorate the time a couple has already spent together and also celebrate the future they plan to share.

When should I give my partner an eternity ring?

An eternity ring is given by one partner to the other to mark a significant event. This can be anything from a wedding anniversary to the birth of a child. Traditionally, each year of marriage was celebrated with a different gift – starting from a paper gift after one year, a wooden gift after five, crystal after fifteen, ranging all the way to 70 years with platinum. This stems back to less modern times, where even the early items were considered a luxury.

Nowadays, there are no rules around what gifts are expected each year. A diamond eternity ring is often a great choice and will be much better received than a paper, tin, or cotton present. They’ll also last a lot longer too, especially with our lifetime guarantee. But you won’t want to buy an infinity ring for every anniversary, so we’ve put together a guide on some of the most popular times.

1st anniversary. Still a little uncommon, a diamond eternity ring given after one year makes for a beautiful and unexpected surprise to your partner. Consider a simple, half eternity ring that will not take the shine off any future rings you plan to buy.

5th anniversary. Traditionally, after five years you would give a wooden gift to your partner. This was to show your marriage is strong and sturdy, with deep roots. Infinity bands also represent strength and point to the future too.

10th anniversary. In the past, a man would gift his wife with a present made from tin on their 10th anniversary. Tin is known for its ability to keep other metals from corroding, representing the protective and supportive nature of marriage. Nowadays, it’s not so valuable. Instead, consider a white-gold eternity ring to resemble the colour of tin and mark your first decade together.

Crystal Anniversary. Your crystal anniversary should not go without celebration. Marking 15 years together, partners would gift each other with a crystal-based present. An infinity ring with gemstone, crystal, or diamond detailing is a beautiful way to celebrate your first big anniversary while keeping to tradition.

20th anniversary. After 20 years of marriage, couples were traditionally expected to celebrate by buying each other a china-based gift. That’s because china is fragile, but with care can stand the test of time. Consider a subtle, intricate infinity ring to show your partner you understand the effort they have made in your first two decades together.

25th anniversary. Another big one, your 25th wedding anniversary is incredibly important. To mark a quarter of a century together, couples would gift each other with silver. Choose a white gold eternity ring or platinum eternity ring to show your partner how much your first 25 years has meant.

30th anniversary. Traditionally a pearl gift, usually jewellery, would be given on a 30th year anniversary. Pearls symbolise how over time something beautiful can be created inside something simple. Consider a diamond eternity ring to match the concept of something beautiful contained within something simple.

40th anniversary. Your 40th anniversary is also known as a Ruby anniversary. Ruby is often considered the colour of love, deep yet vibrant, subtle yet eye-catching. A diamond eternity ring made from rose-gold makes for a perfect representation of your 40 years together.

Gold anniversary. Marking 50 years of marriage, it’ll come as no surprise what type of gift is expected for your Gold anniversary. Choose a white gold, rose-gold, or traditional gold eternity ring to celebrate a lifetime of shared love with your partner.

Diamond anniversary. Celebrate your 60th year of marriage with a beautiful diamond set eternity ring. As this is such a special occasion, you may want to choose a designer set diamond ring – the height of style and luxury. If you prefer a subtler ring, consider channel or claw set diamonds.

Platinum anniversary. Incredibly resistant and rare, platinum is the perfect embodiment of a relationship that has lasted 70 years. Celebrate this incredible achievement with a platinum ring. Add claw, channel or designer set diamonds to create a beautiful and stylish symbol of your love.

Wedding vow renewal. If you plan to renew your wedding vows you may want to gift your partner with a new ring. Of course, your wedding ring will always be most important, but an infinity ring can be the perfect gift.

Birth of a child. Representing the circle of life, an eternity ring is a perfect gift for a new mum or dad to be. The circular shape represents both never-ending love and how you are ready to share your future as partners and parents.

Clearly, you can see that eternity rings are versatile and ready to mark any special occasion. You probably won’t want to give one every year or for every occasion. This will devalue just how special they are. Instead, consider which anniversaries or future life events you deem most important.

Eternity rings are meant to last forever, that’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee. And remember, they can be resized too, so any changes in size can be accounted for. For more information on our wide range of diamond eternity bands, get in touch now on 0203 540 1477.

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