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Frequently Asked Questions

About Us:
Why are you called 77 Diamonds?

In 1477, the first diamond ring was given as a gesture of “will you marry me” by Archduke Maximillian to Mary of Burgundy. 1477 was too long so we shortened it! Also 77,000 miles per second is the speed at which light passes through a diamond.

How long have you been in business?

The company was formed in 2004 and we will shortly be celebrating our 15th anniversary.

Where is your Mayfair Showroom located?

We are located on the 2nd floor of Harbridge House, 3 Hanover Square, London W1S 1HD (above Citi Bank).

What are your opening hours?

We are open 10am-7.30pm Monday – Thursday, 10am – 6.30pm on Fridays and 10am-5pm on Saturday. We operate a by appointment only system in our showroom so contact us on +44 203 540 1477 to book an appointment.


Diamond Information:

Regarding pricing: in what currency is your price list fixed? Does it also fluctuate in accordance with underlying diamond market prices?

Diamond prices are listed in accordance to the dollar so can fluctuate on a daily basis as the dollar rate shifts – but by a marginal amount. Our prices are constantly checked to ensure they are harmonised with the current diamond market.

Where do your diamonds come from?

We source diamonds from all over the world from diamond manufacturers that comply with the United Nations Kimberley process in order to affirm all stones are conflict free.

Why do you sell these diamonds if they’re yellow/brown and have visible inclusions?

Some stones that are not suitable for engagement rings may be suitable for other uses – such as being set in jewellery where the inclusions aren’t as visible – such as earrings, or setting in yellow gold where the colour isn’t as noticeable.

Is surface graining an issue?

Surface graining is something that is only visible under microscopic magnification and all diamonds have some form of surface graining.

What does "additional pinpoint not shown" mean?

This means that within the diamond there is a minute pinpoint within the stone that is too difficult to mark on the reference diagram because of its small size.

What does "additional clouds are not shown" mean?

This means that there are clouds within the stone that are again too small to be highlighted on the reference diagram.

The date on my GIA certificate: What does it mean?

This is the date from when the diamond was certified.

Do you sell second hand diamonds?

None of the stones we sell are second hand diamonds.

Why is there a price difference between these diamonds (all same cert and specs)?

Because we source from such a high percentage of the global diamond market, some diamond manufacturers are priced differently to others – essentially the items will be identical but they are just priced differently!

What are the differences in the certifications?

In general, EGL is not as strict as GIA and can be two or three grades lower in both colour and clarity, and you may find a colour and /or clarity grade difference if the same diamond was sent off to GIA. Due to this, diamonds graded by EGL can be found at lower prices, as a colour and clarity grade difference can make up to 15-25% difference in price. In general, a diamond is sent off to EGL when a manufacturer believes they have a borderline diamond and want to achieve the higher grading. However, EGL diamonds can offer tremendous value and the quality will be beyond question as long as the clarity is VS1 or above and the colour is F and above (the diamond will be colourless and have no visible impurities).

How are the diamonds sourced?

We source our diamonds directly from the manufacturers that polish the stones.

Do you sell both natural and lab-grown diamonds?

Yes, we sell both. Lab-growns are a more affordable option when it comes to loose diamonds. Depending on size, colour and clarity, these diamonds can be more than 50% less expensive than a natural stone.

How I can be sure that you are selling conflict free diamonds?

The diamonds as advertised on our website have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in any funding conflicts. Please note that these stones are in compliance with the United Nations Resolutions and the Kimberley process. We at 77 Diamonds guarantee that our diamonds are conflict free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees.

Can I arrange a viewing of the diamond before it is set in the jewellery?

Once your diamond has arrived in our showroom prior to setting we can definitely arrange for you to view the stone before it is set into the jewellery.

What clarity grades are considered to be eye clean?

With GIA certified diamonds, IF, VVS1, VVS2, VS1 and VS2 are considered eyeclean with a smaller percentage of SI1 and SI2 stones also being eyeclean.

With EGL certified diamonds, IF, VVS1, VVS2, and VS1 are considered eyeclean with a smaller percentage of VS2 and SI1 stones also being eyeclean.

Contact our sales team who can verify the stone’s clarity for you.

What is fluorescence exactly?

Diamonds that are said to be fluorescent contain particles that emit a visible (usually blue) glow when exposed to UV lighting. In rare cases, high levels of fluorescence can make stones appear milky or hazy, although for the most part fluorescence does not generally impact beauty or sparkle and can even make some lower colours (I, J, K, L, etc.) appear more colourless or white.


Jewellery Information:
Why does the price increase when the ring size is above N for an Eternity ring?

The additional cost covers the extra metal weight and any additional diamonds.

Why do you charge customers £ 100 for rushed orders?

If we are able to expedite your order, the small fee is required to prioritise your jewellery in our workshop.

Why do some rings require a CAD drawing to be produced?

We need to CAD some jewellery designs in order to realise the proportions needed prior to casting – changing a jewellery piece after it is cast is a difficult and expensive process.

Do you offer a bespoke service and how does this work?

Should you have a particular jewellery design in mind that does not currently exist in our jewellery collection, you can contact our designer with your ideas who will then discuss with you directly the options for your piece and provide you with a quote.

What are your lead times?

Due to the effect of COVID-19, please take into consideration certain delays in our delivery service. Our most classic rings designs will now take approximately 5 weeks to be delivered, while our more ornate, diamond-set items will take around 6 to 8 weeks to arrive. All our express delivery items will take approximately 6 to 8 working days to arrive.*

*For UK deliveries only. Please count 7 to 10 working days for EU deliveries and around 8 to 12 working days for deliveries outside the EU.

Can I add an engraving to my ring?

Yes engraving is priced at £ 35 per ring(inc VAT) with the maximum of 12 characters, you can also choose from a selection of fonts. Contact our sales team directly to provide you with the font list.

Where is your jewellery hallmarked?

All our jewellery is hallmarked in the United Kingdom. You will view the following hallmarks for each metal:
Gold (Rose, White and Yellow) – 750
Platinum and Palladium – 950

What metals do you use?

We offer the majority of our jewellery in 18k Gold (white, rose and yellow) and Platinum.

Because of the density of platinum there are some more intricate pieces that cannot be produced in Platinum. Some of our wedding bands are also available in Palladium.

What metals can be plated?

All our gold jewellery can be plated when this is necessary.

Why does White gold get a yellow hue?

White gold is plated with rhodium which is part of the Platinum family and gives it a distinctive shining white appearance, as white gold in its natural state is actually darker and duller. For this reason, it is recommended to have a white gold engagement ring periodically re-plated when its colour is beginning to fade.

What is the difference between Platinum and White Gold?

When newly produced, both Platinum and White Gold are the same in appearance. Platinum is a denser metal so therefore feels a little more substantial in weight. White gold is less prone to surface scratches than Platinum, but in turn would need replating.

Can you manufacture your jewellery with stones other than diamonds?

We have made our jewellery with many kinds of gemstones and semi precious stones in the past, contact us directly if you have particular request and we can try to accommodate it.

How long does a resize take?

Resizing takes approximately 10-15 working days from the day we have received your item.

What if I order the wrong ring size?

Not to worry! Your first resize is always free of charge if within your 30 days exchange policy. (see section 8 of the T&C for more details) and you can come into the showroom to size the finger correctly or alternatively you can check at a local jewellers and then send the ring back to us.


Collection & Shipping Information:
Do you offer free delivery?

Yes, we offer free worldwide shipping on all orders.

Why can you not dispatch an order paid with Deko/PayPal to an alternative address?

For security reasons dictated by both PayPal and our finance provider Deko, we are unable to delivery to an alternative delivery address.

Do I need an appointment for collections?

Yes, please get in touch and we will book you in for a short appointment for your collection.

Do I need an appointment for resizes?

Yes, please get in touch and we will book you in for a short appointment for your resize.

Can I place an order online but collect from the Mayfair showroom?

That is not a problem; you just need to select Collection at the checkout (unless paying by PayPal or Finance when all orders must be sent to the billing address).

How can I track my order?

Once your item has been dispatched we will email you a tracking number and an online link so you can trace the delivery status of your order.

Do you offer an express delivery option?

Should you have a particular deadline in mind, please contact us and we can check to see if this can be accommodated.

Will the packaging be discreet?

All items are delivered in discreet packaging – Royal Mail packaging for the UK and FedEx for overseas delivery. All items have our senders address listed as “77 Ltd” for security and insurance purposes.

How will the parcel be delivered?

All items are sent via Royal Mail to the United Kingdom and via FedEx for overseas delivery.

Will the delivery be insured?

All items are fully insured by us until they reach the requested delivery address and a signature is given on delivery.

Can you ship to an alternative address?

We can always ship to an alternative address unless the item is purchase using PayPal or through a Finance plan – this is because of the regulations set by both payment providers.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

Unfortunately for security reasons we are unable to ship to a P.O. Box as a signature is required for the delivery.

How long will the delivery take?

For delivery within the UK, all items are delivery via a next day delivery service, for continental Europe it is 1-2 days, and for the rest of the world it is 2-4 days depending on the specific country and the customs clearance involved.

When do I have to pay duties and taxes?

When items are sent outside of the EU they are exempt from UK duties and taxes so you are required to pay your national duties and taxes. You will be required to pay these fees once your order has arrived in your selected country prior to delivery to the requested address. (Please contact your local customs and excise office for the exact fees, 77 Diamonds can provide you with an estimate if required by clicking HERE )

Can I specify a delivery date?

Yes, once your item is complete our logistics team will contact you and you can confirm the date that is suitable for delivery.

What time of day do you deliver?

In the UK, delivery is between 9am and 1pm, and non-UK delivery via Fedex is usually between 9am and 4pm.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally via FedEx. Unfortunately due to import sanctions we are unable to ship to Russia and some African nations. Please contact us for further information.

What happens if the parcel gets lost in transit?

Should there be any issues with the delivery of your item, 77 Diamonds will notify the relevant delivery service and open an investigation on your behalf.


Payment & Pricing Information:
What payment options do you offer?

We accept all major credit/debit cards (we can only accept American Express for UK customers), PayPal, Bank Transfer and Finance Options.

How are you 75% cheaper than the high street?

In November 2013, we conducted a mystery shopping trip and visited a range of competitors in-store including H. Samuel, Ernest Jones, Wempe, Tiffany & Co*, De Beers and Boodles. We asked them to quote on a range of GIA diamonds and compared that to the equivalent price of GIA diamonds on 77 Diamonds website**. We found that we were between 37% to 75% better value or on average 56% better value across the entire range of diamonds and stores.
* We assume Tiffany graded diamonds are equivalent to GIA.
** Allowing for the cost of the ring where applicable.

How does the best price guarantee work?

At 77 Diamonds, we understand price is important, and that’s why we are determined to get it right for our customers. More than being never knowingly undersold, we go a step further.

We regularly check the prices of our competitors to ensure that we always offer the best quality for the price in the market. If you see a diamond or a piece of diamond jewellery at 77 Diamonds and you then find the exact same diamond available at a lower price from one of our competitors, we guarantee that we will not just match that price, we will offer you a price that is 1% lower up to a maximum value of £ 50 lower*.

If you would like to apply the 77 Diamonds Price Guarantee, please email us and tell us the website address or shop where you saw a lower price.

*Applicable with EU based companies only

Are there any hidden charges?

All prices listed on our website are inclusive of VAT and there are no charges for postage and packing. You may be subject to local duties and taxes if your item is being delivered outside of the EU.

Why are your diamonds are so much cheaper?

We source our diamonds directly from the diamond manufacturers that produce the stones globally which means we can offer the stones at almost a wholesale price to the retail market. As a predominantly online company our overheads are much smaller which means we can offer our stones at a more competitive price.

Can I make payment using Klarna?

For some purchases we do accept Klarna. This is subject to the currency and value of items in your basket. Please see a breakdown in the table below where the max. value accepted per order is shown.
Klarna is not available on the purchase of Loose Diamonds.

Country Currency Pay later Slice it Instalments
Austria EUR € 1,500
14 days
€ 1,500
6, 12 & 24 Months
Denmark DKK DKK 30,000
14 days
DKK 50,000
6, 12, 24 & 36 Months
Finland EUR € 3,000
14 days
€ 5,000
6, 12, 24 & 36 Months
Germany EUR € 2,500
14 days
€ 3,000
6, 12 & 24 Months
Netherlands EUR € 1,500
2,99% - 14 days
3,49% - 30 days
Norway NOK kr 50,000
14 days
kr 50,000
6, 12, 24 & 36 Months
Sweden SEK kr 50,000
14 days
kr 50,000
6, 12, 24 & 36 Months
United Kingdom GBP £ 1,000
14 / 30 days
N/A £ 1,000
3 instalments
United States USD $ 800
14 / 30 days
$ 5,000 $ 1,000
4 instalments


General Information
Which insurance company do you recommend?

For jewellery insurance, you should always check your home and contents insurance as you may already be covered. Alternatively, TH March is the insurance company we recommend as they specialise in jewellery care, you can get a quote from them at TH March or 01822 855555. Quote “AS179T” and they’ll know you’ve bought from a legitimate source.

Are you registered with NAJ?

Yes, we are an accredited member of the National Association of Jewellers – 77 Diamonds is one of the first online jewellery retailers to become a member.

What documentation do you provide for insurance purposes?

We are required to see a copy of your passport and visa to demonstrate you are a valid citizen that resides outside of the EU.

Can I claim back VAT?

You are eligible to claim the tax back should you live outside of the European Union. You would be required to collect your purchase from our showroom in order to gain the tax reclaim form and to provide us with your identification.

Will Brexit affect my order?

The UK has now left the EU and is in a transition period, with no changes to trading until a final agreement with the EU has been negotiated by 31 Dec 2020. Until then, it will be business as usual for 77 Diamonds. We are fully committed to Europe with operations in several European countries and legal entities in Portugal and Germany. In addition, the founders and Directors of 77 Diamonds are Danish, Austrian and French / Belgian.

Europe now accounts for 1/3 of our business and we expect it to become the majority of our business by the end of 2021. We expect a deal to be reached and for the UK to carry on trading as normal.

For any orders placed after 31 December 2020, if there is no deal and tariffs apply, 77 Diamonds will move our high quality jewellery manufacturing to mainland Europe to best serve our customers and ensure you do not incur any additional charges or are impacted negatively in any way.


Returns, Refunds & Cancellations:
How does the 30 day refund guarantee work?

Your 30 days money back guarantee begins the day you receive your item and you have 30 days to return your item for an exchange or refund should your item not be suitable. Earrings are exempt from this policy due to health and hygiene reasons.

How can I return an item for resize?

Should you be required to return your item for a resize, do contact us directly and for the United Kingdom we will provide you with the returns details for Royal Mail delivery. For non-UK returns, we will arrange a collection of your item via FedEx, please note we do not cover this cost.

How can I return an item for a refund?

Should you be required to return your item for a refund, do contact us directly and for the United Kingdom we will provide you with the returns details for Royal Mail delivery. For non-UK returns, we will arrange a collection of your item via FedEx, please note we do not cover this cost.

How long will my refund take?

Once we have received your item back in our showroom, the item will be assessed and verified by our production team prior to the initiation of your refund. Funds will usually be with you within 10 working days but can take up to 30 working days depending on the method of payment used.

Can I cancel an order?

In the event you wish to cancel your order, please contact us directly on +44 203 540 1477 and our sales team can assist you.

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